As a life-practice, dance improvisation has taught me much about the art of living. I would like to share insights gleaned through the study and integration of some of the lessons I have gratefully received

Here are a couple of podcasts that have been recently recorded about my work:

Faces of CI – Dancing in Resilient Times. In January 2023 I taught a 3-Week workshop in Chiang Dao NE Thailand. This longer workshop offered an opportunity for participants to experience an in-depth immersion into my work. I was very excited as it gave me the chance to evolve my work into a new direction. On the final day of the workshop I was interviewed for Faces of CI;!!DZ3fjg!9EfW049fRXbY5SHKxaSwhLoL_PUF7cPPQFbvSxgxotaDgtKDkx8IqFaxe8cEiCZPxpYscgMNPXYNL5KY1ACx0tVw5DU$


In January 2022 Mary Adams interviewed me for 3rd Space



The link to the transcript of the 3rd Space podcast


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In August 2020 I retired from my position as a tenured faculty member at the University of Illnois in the US and returned to my home base in Wales. I continue to facilitate workshops throughout the world, sharing my passion for the exploration of dynamic freedom and unity. As well as teaching I give performances, and talks about the importance of embodied intelligence at this time as we face into our uncertain future

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