‘Force of Nature’

Posted on Sep 22, 2019

A documentary film made about my work in collaboration with Scottish filmmaker Katrina McPherson, editor Simon Fildes, and dancers including Michael Schumacher, Dai Jian, Kenzo Kusuda, Simon Ellis and dancers from Scottish Dance Theatre.

We took six years to make they film which was premiered in 2011 at Findhorn Ecological Community in Northern Scotland.

Force of Nature has recently been translated into Russian. https://vimeo.com/353960548

Notes about the process……

Force of Nature was an important collaborative venture with Katrina McPherson that ended up being much more than the documentary film that was the end product. 

Katrina and I discovered over the course of making the film that we both engage with our respective art forms as life practices. This is the context from which our research interests and styles have emerged and merge.  

Over the course of the 6 years we took to make this film, we met on many occasions to brainstorm and decipher what the following chapter of the film would be. We followed our intuitive sense throughout the process, informed by our extensive experience and years of committed focus within our individual fields of artistic pursuit. 

As such the experience of making this film together ended up affirming a way of collaborative art making that was inspirational and life enhancing, and which moved both of us forward in our personal journeys and research. 

We have remained firm friends as a result, and our working relationship continues to flourish through joint workshops and plans for future artistic projects. 

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