Hool – multidisciplinary film collaboration

Posted on Apr 16, 2022

The inspiration for this multidisciplinary film collaboration between Mexican architect-filmmaker Isaac Zambra, photographer Mario Morales (MX), and dancers Kirstie Simson (UK/USA) and Martin Piliponsky (AR) is the exploration of the relationship between architecture and the moving body.

In the span of a single day, from sunrise to sunset the filmmakers follow the dancers as they move, guided in their work by the whispers of past narratives contained within the spaces of the long-abandoned hacienda ‘San Antonio Hool’, in Merida, Mexico.

A meditative spell is cast during the process of capturing the powerful magic of this location on camera, which permeates and affects each member of the team.   

Ghosts of past, present, and future are listened to—and live again—through the dancers’ embodied expression, honoring the haunting beauty of its architecture, the sense of suspended time, and a celebration of the mysteries of life.

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